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Working Girl After Quarantine

Silky and Vanjie recap Silky’s first club performance post-quarantine, and reflect on how social distancing will change the future of drag.

The Nosey Neighbors

Silky and Vanjie spill the tea on dealing with their nosy neighbors - especially the cute single ones.

Social Justice + Karens

Beware Karens, Silky and Vanjie are spilling the tea. These gals are on the curb trying to make some change in the LGBT community.

Is the Pandemic Over?

Silky and Vanjie kiki about the pandemic - staying home, wearing masks, and how sweet the first night back at Micky's will be.

Lingerie and Gogo Boys

This week, the Word on the Curb is RELATIONSHIPS! Silky and Vanjie reminisce on fetishes they've encountered during hookups, requirements of a husband, and much more!

Reflections on Past Lovers

Are you ready for the word on the curb? This week, Silky and Vanjie are talkin' exes. They spill the tea on the temptation to reach out to exes during social isolation, personalities all their exes have in common, and how they've grown from past relationships.

Social Media in Corona

Silky and Vanjie are spilling the tea on social media in the time of Corona.

Quarantina Roomies

In their debut podcast episode, Vanjie & Silky discuss the joys and frustrations with living together during a pandemic.

Word on the Curb Trailer

Silky and Vanjie are here to tell you what the word on the curb is! Available every Friday wherever podcasts are available.

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